SUMMARY: The extracellular haemolysin produced by strain FCC was partially purified from the culture supernate by sequential ammonium sulphate precipitation, gel filtration with Sepharose 4B, and DEAE-Sephacel ion-exchange column chromatography. Using this semi-purified haemolysin as the antigen, several monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) were established; they were all of the IgG2b class with lambda light chains. One representative MAb, 6F8D, completely neutralized the haemolytic activity and mouse lethal activity of extracellular toxin(s). In immunoblotting analysis of the peptides of the semi-purified haemolysin separated by SDS-PAGE, this MAb reacted, in particular, with a 36 kDa peptide. These findings suggest that the haemolysin is probably identical to the lethal toxin in the culture supernate of strain FCC, which contained the 36 kDa peptide.


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