SUMMARY: We have investigated the presence of the aerobactin system and the location of the aerobactin genes in enteroinvasive strains of . Also, we cloned the aerobactin region and its flanking sequences from the chromosome of a strain of and compared the molecular organization of the aerobactin genes in the two genera. Of the 11 enteroinvasive strains studied, 5 possessed the aerobactin genes, which were located on the chromosome in each case. These strains produced and utilized aerobactin and also were susceptible to the bacteriocin cloacin-DF13. Restriction endonuclease mapping and hybridization experiments showed that the regions corresponding to the aerobactin-specific sequences were very similar in both enteroinvasive and . However, differences were found in the region corresponding to the aerobactin receptor gene. The regions flanking the aerobactin system in enteroinvasive and exhibited some similarities but were different from those in pColV-K30. Under iron-limiting conditions, aerobactin-producing enteroinvasive and synthesized outer-membrane proteins of 76 and 77 kDa, respectively, which cross-reacted immunologically with rabbit antiserum raised against the 74 kDa pCoIV-K 30-encoded ferric aerobactin receptor.


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