SUMMARY: Fourteen yeast strains from six genera were analysed for the presence of long-chain alcohols. Six strains from three genera contained long-chain alcohols, highest levels being found in . The alcohols were identified and determined by TLC, GLC and GLC-MS. The major long-chain alcohols synthesized by these organisms were saturated, primary alcohols with C, C or C chain length. Unsaturated long-chain alcohols were not detected. In all strains that produced long-chain alcohols, the relative proportions were C > C > C. Long-chain alcohol contents were higher in organisms from anaerobically, as compared with aerobically, grown cultures reaching about 650 μg (g dry wt organisms) in stationary-phase cultures of . In cultures of , synthesis of long-chain alcohols occurred only after the end of exponential growth. The alcohols were predominantly present as free alcohols. The fatty-acyl chain-length profile of the triacylglycerol and to a lesser extent the sterol/wax ester fractions from reflected that of the long-chain alcohols produced by this yeast.


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