SUMMARY: A new exopolysaccharide, secreted in addition to cellulose, has been isolated from the culture medium of NRRL B42. This polysaccharide, for which the name acetan is proposed, contains glucose, mannose, glucuronic acid and rhamnose in a molar ratio of 4:1:1:1. On the basis of methylation, thin-layer, paper and gas-liquid chromatography, paper electrophoresis and mass spectrometry studies of the degradation products obtained by total and partial hydrolysis and acetolysis of acetan, the following structure is proposed for its repeating unit:

Since our previous work with this strain demonstrated the synthesis of a lipid-linked heptasaccharide with the same structure, the possibility of acetan being the result of its polymerization is discussed. One to two -acetyl residues per repeating unit are also present in positions not yet determined.


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