SUMMARY: The susceptibilities of six micro-organisms to active oxygen species generated in the xanthine oxidase-mediated bactericidal system were as follows: 81 ≥ EGD ≥ HKB-1 ≥ Smith ≥ HRv ≥ NIH A207 (the last two organisms were essentially resistant to this system). The HO-Fe-mediated halogenation system exhibited a higher microbicidal activity. When the micro-organisms were compared for their sensitivity to bactericidal activity of resident mouse peritoneal macrophages (Møs), and were killed rapidly, whereas and were more resistant. In tests for the ability to trigger an oxidative burst in mouse peritoneal Møs (as measured by chemiluminescence), showed the highest activity followed by the other organisms in the following order: exhibited no triggering activity. The high susceptibility of and to Mø bactericidal activity, and the partial resistance of and , correlated with their susceptibility to active oxygen and the HO-Fe-mediated halogenation reaction.


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