SUMMARY: Deletion derivatives and recombinants of the plasmid pSK3, which is a cointegrate of pSK1and pSK2in , were constructed and analysed for their ability to transfer and ‘pock’ on strains carrying pSK1or pSK2. Various deletions in the pSK1and/or pSK2regions of pSK3were grouped into nine classes on the basis of their pock-forming ability and pock resistance. Analysis of these deletions and insertions provided tentative locations of DNA regions for two pock-resistance determinants (Porl and Por2), two pock-forming determinants (Poc1 and Poc2) consisting of plasmid transfer and spread determinants (Tra/Spr), and two replication determinants (Rep1 and Rep2) corresponding to the pSK1and pSK2regions of pSK3. In particular, the Por2 function in the pSK2region was determined to be located in a 1·35 kb segment.


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