SUMMARY: mutants with altered penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs), or altered expression of PBPs, were isolated by screening for changes in susceptibility to β-lactam antibiotics. Mutations affecting only PBPs 2a, 2b and 3 were isolated. Cell shape and peptidoglycan metabolism were examined in representative mutants. Cells of a PBP 2a mutant (UB8521) were usually twisted whereas PBP 2b (UB8524) and 3 (UB8525) mutants produced helices, particularly after growth at 41 °C. The PBP 2a mutant (UB8521) had a higher peptidoglycan synthetic activity than its parent strain whereas the opposite applied to the PBP 2b mutant UB8524. The PBP 3 mutant (UB8525) had a similar peptidoglycan synthetic activity to that of the parent strain when grown at 37 °C, but 40% higher activity after growth at 41°C. The PBP 2a mutant (UB8521) exhibited the same wall thickening activity as the parent, but the PBP 2b and 3 mutants (UB8524 and UB8525) were partially defective in this respect. The changes in the susceptibility of PBP 2a, 2b and 3 mutants to β-lactam antibiotics imply that these PBPs are killing targets, consistent with the fact that these PBPs are also important for shape determination and peptidoglycan synthesis.


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