Summary: We have determined the nucleotide sequence of a 1500 bp fragment of the ColE9-J plasmid which encodes colicin E9 immunity and colicin E5 immunity and contains two genes. Open reading frames corresponding to the four genes have been located and their position confirmed by transposon mutagenesis of sub-clones of the ColE9-J plasmid. The E9 gene shows 69% homology at both the nucleotide and the amino acid level to the previously sequenced E2 gene. The E5 gene shows little homology to any other E colicin immunity gene which has been sequenced. The gene distal to the 3′ end of the E5 gene shows considerable sequence homology to all other previously sequenced E colicin genes. The gene distal to the 3′ end of the E9 gene is identical to the pColE2 and pColE3 genes for the first 59 nucleotides but encodes a much smaller gene product than any other gene which has been sequenced. The two genes sequenced here are exceptions to Shepherd's rule concerning the number of RNY codons in the three possible reading frames.


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