SUMMARY: Phage tf-1 is a filamentous phage which is about 800 nm in length, 10 nm in width and has slightly tapered ends. The phage was isolated from sewage and formed plaques or propagated only on and strains harbouring the IncT plasmid pIN25 at 30 °C. It adsorbed in large numbers to pIN25-encoded long thick flexible conjugative pili formed at 30 °C and also to the short form of these pili synthesized at 37 °C. The reason for the failure to form plaques at 37 °C is not known. The adsorption site is a short length of the pilus shaft extending 100-200 nm back from the distal tip. Efficient phage tf-1 adsorption to the same site was found for pili determined by other IncT plasmids in spite of the fact that phage tf-1 did not plate or propagate on strains harbouring them. However, areas of specific partial clearing on lawns of these plasmid-containing bacteria were produced by phage in high concentrations. Lack of plaque-formation could be due to inefficient intracellular assembly coupled to avid adsorption of any liberated phage to pili. The phage differs from all but one other filamentous phage by being sensitive to diethyl ether.


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