SUMMARY: The effect of Cd poisoning of on Ca, Cd and [C]tetraphenyl phosphonium (TPP) uptake and cell pH was examined. At Cd concentrations that produced substantial K+ efflux the rates of uptake of Ca, Cd and [C]TPP increased progressively during incubation of the cells with Cd, and the cell pH was lowered concomitantly. The initial rates of uptake of the divalent cations and of TPP were increased in cells pre-loaded with Cd, which shows that stimulation of the ion fluxes was exerted by the Cd that accumulated in the cells. The distribution ratio of TPP between cells and medium, however, was decreased by Cd. Although hyperpolarization of the cell membrane by Cd cannot be excluded, it is argued that Cd primarily stimulated divalent cation uptake by increasing the cation permeability of the cell membrane allowing the cations to enter the cells more easily.


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