SUMMARY: An L-form isolated from K12 by sequential treatment with -methyl-'-nitro--nitrosoguanidine and lysozyme was adapted to grow in hyperosmolar liquid cultures. It was stable in the absence of antibiotic when cultured in brain heart infusion (BHI) broth containing NaCl and CaCl, the optimal concentrations being 0·34 and 1 m, respectively. No growth of the L-form was observed when CaCl was not added to BHI medium containing 0·34 -NaCl. On the other hand, when KCl replaced NaCl as the osmotic stabilizer, growth of the L-form was repressed in the presence of CaCl. Electron microscopy of the L-form confirmed the absence of a cell wall. A revertant strain derived from the L-form grew as a stable bacillary form in BHI medium without osmotic stabilizer. The growth characteristics of the revertant strain resembled those of the parent strain. The revertant strain produced L-forms in the presence of NaCl.


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