SUMMARY: grows within the temperature range 40–70°C in a complex medium that contains 115 μM-Ca and 95 μ-Mg. The addition of Ca to a final concentration ranging from 2·5 to 10 m stimulated growth at suboptimal and supraoptimal temperatures, extending growth above 70°C, but had no effect on growth within the optimal temperature range. Mg (2·5 m) also stimulated growth although to a lesser extent. Furthermore, 10 m-Mg inhibited growth at temperatures higher than 65°C. This inhibitory effect was relieved by the addition of 2·5 m-Ca. Sr (10 m), which often behaves as a Ca analogue in biological systems, strongly inhibited growth and produced gross morphological alterations in the cells. The inhibitory effect of Sr could also be relieved by addition of Ca.


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