SUMMARY: A series of improved phage vectors have been constructed, based on bacteriophage ϕ105, which can be used to clone genes in by direct transfection of protoplasts. The new vectors, designated ϕ105J23, ϕ105J24, ϕ105J27 and ϕ105J28, show frequencies of plaque formation that are equal to those of wild-type ϕ105. This represents at least a 10-fold improvement over ϕ105J9, the vector used in previous cloning experiments. Two of the new vectors ϕ105J27 and ϕ105J28 incorporate a mutation, , that renders the prophage temperature inducible. This has made it possible to devise a rapid small-scale procedure for screening progeny phage for the presence of inserted DNA. The usefulness of the new vectors is illustrated in the accompanying paper by cloning more than 20 sporulation genes.


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