The cellular long-chain component patterns of 33 strains of were determined by gas chromatography. Two main types of long-chain component patterns were distinguished. The first (26 strains) was characterized by saturated branched-chain fatty acids (brl4:0, br 15:0, br16:0 and br17:0). The second (7 strains) did not contain branched-chain fatty acids and was characterized by saturated straight-chain fatty acids (11:0,12:0, 14:0 and 16:0). Both types contained fatty aldehydes and their respective dimethyl acetals (14ald and 14dma, 16ald and 16dma). brl6dma was only found in the first type. The G + C content of the DNA ( ) of the 33 strains varied between 63.7 and 69.1 mol %. Canonical correlation analysis distinguished three subtypes within the first main type.


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