SUMMARY: An essential region (2.3 kb) for the replication of a low-copy-number plasmid, pBS-2, has been identified and cloned into plasmid pHV60 in The resultant plasmid, pK W1, and two other plasmids, pC194 (medium copy number) and pTP5 (high copy number), were examined by double radio-labelling and gel electrophoresis to determine which host functions are required for their replication in Replication of pKW1 requires the functions of most genes, in particular and ; pC194 requires only and ; and pTP5 requires and Thus and are required for the replication of all three plasmids tested, even though each plasmid showed a different spectrum of dependency on other host functions. Because of its greater dependence on host functions and its low copy number, pKW1 should be a useful model with which to investigate the function of host genes in the replication of DNA in pKW1 should also be a useful shuttle vector for cloning of genes in in cases when high gene dosage might be a problem.


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