SUMMARY: H is lysogenic for a large temperate phage we call H2. H2 has a polyhedral head 85 nm in diameter and a tail of about 17 × 434 nm. H2 between the and genes, and gives specialized transduction of and, at lower frequencies, of and . The phage carries a thymidylate synthase gene and converts thymine auxotrophs of to prototrophy. The H2 genome is a linear DNA molecule about 129 kb in length. DNA extracted from phage particles grown in is not cut by the restriction endonucleases , , l2861, and ; the latter enzyme is produced by strain H. The prophage in lysogenic cells can be cut by these enzymes. We have isolated H2 mutants that carry the transposon Tn917, or a mutation resulting in clear-plaque morphology, or both.


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