SUMMARY: Two mutations associated with antibiotic supersusceptibility in strain Z61 were transferred separately into strain PA0222, using R68.45-mediated conjugation and phage F116L transduction. One mutation (A) was 40% contransducible with -82 at 26 min on the chromosome and was associated with increased susceptibility to β-lactams, gentamicin and hydrophobic agents. Strains carrying the A mutation also displayed enhanced uptake of a hydrophobic fluorescent probe, 1--phenylnaphthylamine, and were found, by SDS-PAGE, to be altered in the pattern of lipopolysaccharide O-antigen distribution. The other mutation (B), associated with increased susceptibility to β-lactams and gentamicin but not to hydrophobic agents, was cotransducible with -28 and C at 20 min on the chromosome. The B mutation caused a structurally undefined alteration in the physical interaction of EDTA and gentamicin with the outer membrane.


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