SUMMARY: DNA from each of two specialized transducing α phage, γJIHD and γcysJ, has been analysed by heteroduplex mapping. The segment of the chromosome carried by γJlHD was shown to be large, approximately 18 kb in length, and to replace a large length of γDNA, approximately 11 kb, which includes the genes for integration and recombination. Thus γJIHD is a bio-type transducing phage. γJ was shown to have lost very little γDNA and to carry about 8 kb of bacterial DNA. Sites for several restriction endonucleases were mapped in the DNA from each phage and cloning experiments located some of the genes of the cluster in relation to the restriction map. Cysteine regulation of the cloned and genes was shown as well as cysteine regulation of P-galactosidase in some constructs. The direction of transcription of the gene was established, and from physical evidence the size of the ‘silent section’ between the and genes was estimated to be at least 11 kb.


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