SUMMARY: pv. (ISPP List 1980) and pv. (ISPP List 1980) strains, isolated from cassava () plants of different geographical origin, were studied by numerical analysis of 267 phenotypic features, computer-assisted comparison of gel electrophoregrams of soluble proteins, mol% G + C determinations, DNA: DNA hybridizations and virulence tests. pv. and pv. constituted separate biological entities which could be differentiated from each other by four biochemical features, their symptoms on cassava, their soluble protein electrophoregrams and their DNA characteristics. Within each pathovar no correlation was found between phytopathogenicity, geographic origin and year of isolation of the strains, on the one hand, and the biochemical, physiological and protein electrophoretic properties on the other. Two yellowish strains, CIAT 1164 and CIAT 1165, isolated from cassava in Colombia were genetically and electrophoretically similar to pv. , but were unable to infect pv. was genetically more related to the pv. cluster than to the pv. cluster.


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