SUMMARY: The outer membrane and surface exposed proteins of four strains of the gastric Campylobacter-like organism were identified by SDS-PAGE of Sarkosyl-insoluble membranous material and I-surface-labelled whole bacteria. Although constant outer membrane proteins (molecular mass 61, 54 and 31 kDa) were observed in these strains, several variable I-labelled surface proteins were detected. does not appear to express a single surface-exposed major outer membrane protein like that of and Putative flagella proteins were identified from isolated flagella and acid-extractable surface material and by immunoblotting with anti-flagella antibodies. Several major protein antigens were observed by immunoblotting with anti- antisera. At least two of these antigens cross-reacted with anti- antiserum. This cross-reaction appears to be caused primarily by flagellar antigens. However, one major protein antigen (61 kDa) was not cross-reactive with and may, therefore, be useful in serological tests for the specific diagnosis of infections.


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