SUMMARY: We have demonstrated that strain LPR1105 contains a heat stable and a heat labile glutamine synthetase (EC activity similar to those described for other Most of the activity is heat stable when this strain is grown on glutamine as sole nitrogen source, but most is heat labile when grown on nitrate. Using a gene bank of DNA we have isolated two clones, which code for heat stable (p7D9) and heat labile (p4F7) glutamine synthetase activity, by complementing the glutamine auxotrophy of mutants. Cross-hybridization of p7D9 with a fragment of the gene of was observed, but no cross-hybridization between p7D9 and p4F7 was found. Since these two regions hybridize to genomic DNA of they are probably the structural genes for GSI and GSII, and the availability of these genes will make it possible to test this hypothesis. Clone p4F7 complements an but not an mutant, suggesting that the gene is required for the complementation of the glutamine auxotrophy by this plasmid.


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