SUMMARY: The components extracted by aqueous phenol from whole cells of were analysed by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting and shown to consist of a series of strain-specific, cross-reactive and common antigens. Regularly-spaced ladder patterns on silver-stained gels indicated that in most strains the LPS was present as a predominantly smooth type, but with chain lengths of varying molecular mass, ranging within each particular strain from essentially rough forms to long chain-length smooth forms. The rough form of the LPS at the gel front possessed an antigen common to most of the strains investigated. Another antigen, which migrated behind the rough LPS on SDS gels, was common to all strains of the species. The smooth LPS forms and the other high molecular mass components were strain-specific antigens. Previously published methods are not capable of producing pure LPS or capsular polysaccharide for this organism.


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