SUMMARY: One strain each of and “”, three strains of “”, and five strains each of and were found to produce a mixture of (1.2)-β--gluco-oligosaccharides and/or low- (1.2)-β--glucans in their culture media. The saccharides from the strains of were all composed of unbranched, linear (1.2)-β--glucosaccharides with degrees of polymerization (DPs) of 8 to about 20, and a cyclic (1.2)-β--glucan (DP 16) containing one (1.6)-linkage and one α-linkage. The saccharides produced by the five strains of and four strains of were glucans with branches at O-6, and DPs of 10 to 15, whereas one strain of produced unbranched linear (1.2)-β--glucosaccharides with DPs of 6 to about 20.


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