A soil isolate, 4B, which had been previously assigned to the genus and shown to be capable of reducing CH with simple phenolic compounds as sole carbon source, was further characterized in comparison with two other diazotrophs which were identified as pseudomonads. The DNA base composition of 4B was 60.2 mol% G+C. Plasmid DNA was not detected in alkaline SDS lysates of 4B by agarose gel electrophoresis. Comparable maximum CH reduction activities in 4B were observed under microaerobic conditions (pO about 0.003 atm) with either 28 mM-glucose or 5 mM-protocatechuate as carbon source. N fixation was confirmed by the cellular incorporation of N in cultures of 4B grown in N-free medium. Extensive biochemical tests, including the carbon utilization pattern, demonstrated that 4B was closely related to (ATCC 17505) although the latter did not fix N. 4B had metabolic patterns different from the two other strains reported to be diazotrophic pseudomonads; all three contained DNA homologous to the genes of M5A1.


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