mt-2 (ATCC 33015) carrying the TOL plasmid pWW0 could adapt to growth on the aromatic amines aniline and - and -toluidine. In strain UCC2, a derivative adapted to rapid growth on these compounds, they were oxidatively deaminated to catechol or 4-methylcatechol, which in turn were dissimilated by a -cleavage pathway. The aniline/toluidine oxygenase and the -cleavage pathway enzymes were inducible by aromatic amines. Evidence is presented that in strain UCC2, plasmid pWW0 has undergone deletion of its catabolic genes, and that it is a novel plasmid, pTDN1, which is involved in the catabolism of aniline and - and -toluidine. The -cleavage pathway genes which are carried by pTDN1 were shown not to have originated in pWW0.


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