Uptake of Mn from 10 nM-Mn was shown to be both energy- and pH-dependent. Analysis of the uptake kinetics revealed an apparent half-saturation constant, , of 16.4 nM-Mn and a maximal rate of transport, , of 1.01 nmol Mn (g dry wt) min. Mn uptake was highly specific, being unaffected by 100-fold molar excess of Mg, Zn, Ca, Co, Ni and Cu; however, uptake was inhibited 30 to 40% by 1000-fold molar excess of Mg, Zn, Ca, Co and Ni. Zn competitively inhibited Mn uptake, the value being approximately 500-fold greater than the for Mn. Efflux studies indicated that metabolic exchange of Mn occurred to a small extent. Cellular Mn contents remained relatively constant during growth in batch culture. The Mn transport system observed appears to be analogous to the specific metal transport systems reported in bacteria.


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