The 10-8 kb plasmid pJV1, isolated from , has a high copy number (about 150) and a broad host range among spp. Several pJV1 derivatives carrying the thiostrepton resistance gene of were made. One derivative, pWOR191, was shown to promote its own transfer and to mobilize chromosomal markers in Another derivative, pWOR109, was non-transmissible. Deletion of a segment of pWOR109 gave pWOR120 (5-6 kb), which has single HI and /II sites shown to be capable of accepting ‘foreign’ DNA such as a previously cloned DNA fragment encoding tyrosinase, giving vectors (pWOR125, pWOR126) with properties resembling the well-established multicopy vector pIJ702. Shuttle vectors capable of functioning in both and were also constructed. The region of pJV1 essential for replication and maintenance was localized to a 2-5 kb segment. Stable maintenance of pWOR109 and pWOR120 was observed in the presence of derivatives of pIJ101, the progenitor of pIJ702.


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