Summary: In fertility, defined as chromosomal gene recombination, was enhanced over 1000-fold when one parent in a biparental conjugational cross lacked the physicallyundetected plasmid SVP1, as compared with crosses in which both parents carried SVP1. The existence of SVP1 and at least two other fertility plasmids, SVP2 and SVP3, was detected in by ‘lethal zygosis’ elicited by a plasmid-plus mycelium in contact with a plasmid-minus mycelium. Conjugational crosses were used to construct a linkage map of which was highly consistent with the map of analogous loci in A3(2). A cluster of genes governing chloramphenicol biosynthesis was located near and genes at a position roughly equivalent to the 1–2 o'clock region of the A3(2) map.


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