Summary: accumulated glycogen and trehalose in a characteristic way during growth on solid medium. Glycogen storage in the substrate mycelium took place during development of the aerial mycelium. The concentration of nitrogen source in the culture medium influenced the time at which accumulation started as well as the maximum levels of polysaccharide stored. Degradation of these glycogen reserves was observed near the beginning of sporulation. The onset of sporogenesis was always accompanied by a new accumulation of glycogen in sporulating hyphae. During spore maturation the accumulated polysaccharide was degraded. No glycogen was observed in aerial non-sporulating hyphae or in mature spores. Trehalose was detected during all phases of colony development. A preferential accumulation was found in aerial hyphae and spores, where it reached levels up to 12% of the cell dry weight. The possible roles of both carbohydrates in the developmental cycle of are discussed.


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