Summary: Transmissible factors encoding production of lacunae (L factors) were demonstrated in a non-O1 and a sp. of recent environmental origin. Lacunae were produced in lawns of non-O1 indicator strains under the same assay conditions as those where lacunae were produced by the well characterized P fertility plasmid of O1 and the V fertility factor found in a non-cholera vibrio strain. The origin of the lacunae produced by strains habouring the V and L factors was examined. No vibriocin or phage activity was found in culture supernates or in lacunae produced by the strains, suggesting that, as in the case of the P plasmid, the lacunae probably represent sites of active mating. Unlike the P plasmid, neither the Vn or L factor could be detected or isolated by conventional plasmid techniques.


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