Summary: The R46 site-specific recombination system comprises a (lasmid-ncoded ecombinase) gene and a site at which the gene product acts, the site. The two functions have been cloned into pACYC184. They are encoded by sequences within a region of approximately 2 kb on the R46 genome. These R46 sequences are closely related to the site-specific recombination systems of the ampicillin resistance transposons collectively designated Tn. The R46 function is interchangeable with the gene product of Tn. Both enzymes can mediate recombination between the related and sites in R46::Tn recombinant plasmids to generate site-specific deletions and inversions. Similar DNA rearrangements occur when Tn inserts into pACYC184 derivatives carrying the cloned R46 functions. Carriage of this site-specific recombination system contributes to the stable maintenance of R46. By converting plasmid dimers to monomers the R46 functions help to ensure equal partitioning at cell division.


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