SUMMARY: The DNA primase gene of the promiscuous IncP-1 conjugative plasmid RP1, encoding two polypeptides of 118 and 80 kDa, was inserted into the transposon Tn5 in The derivative transposon, Tn2523, was then transposed to a temperature-sensitive replication mutant of the promiscuous IncP-1 conjugative plasmid R68 at permissive temperature and the plasmid transferred to strain PAO. The latter strain was then grown at non-permissive temperature to identify transposition of Tn2523 into the chromosome. Immunological and enzymic analysis showed the expression of functional primase polypeptides in the constructed strain. This strain also restored wild-type conjugational transfer proficiency, by complementation, to mutants of the IncP-1 plasmid R18 affected in transfer from to or to due to transposon Tn7 insertion mutations in the primase gene. This strategy of cloning into a transposon and integration into the bacterial chromosome should facilitate genetic manipulation and studies of gene expression in a range of Gram-negative bacteria.


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