SUMMARY: We have inserted a C-terminally truncated gene of the major outer membrane protein OmpA of downstream from the promoter and signal sequence of the secretory α-amylase of in a secretion vector of transformed with the hybrid plasmid synthesized a protein that was immunologically identified as OmpA. All the protein was present in the particulate fraction. The size of the protein compared to the peptide synthesized from the same template indicated that the α-amylase derived signal peptide was not removed; this was verified by N-terminal amino acid sequence determination. The lack of cleavage suggests that there was little or no translocation of OmpA protein across the cytoplasmic membrane. This is an unexpected difference compared with periplasmic proteins, which were both secreted and processed when fused to the same signal peptide. A requirement of a specific component for the export of outer membrane proteins is suggested.


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