Summary: Aerial mycelium formation by sp. MA406-A-1, a formycin-producing strain, was suppressed by the presence of excess nutrient. In such suppressed cultures, decoyinine, which specifically inhibits GMP synthetase, initiated the formation of aerial mycelium at concentrations which only partially inhibited growth. The intracellular GTP pool of organisms growing in liquid culture markedly decreased on the addition of decoyinine. Decoyinine was also effective in initiating aerial mycelium formation of three other spp. examined. Regardless of the successful initiation of aerial mycelium formation, the ability of the cells to produce antibiotics (formycin or actinomycin D) did not increase, but decreased, on the addition of decoyinine. It is concluded that aerial mycelium formation by results from a decrease in the pool of GTP (or GDP), whereas antibiotic synthesis results from a different signal(s).


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