Summary: The activities of several enzymes of polymyxin B-treated dormant and germinated spores of were examined. The particulate NADH oxidase of the antibiotic-treated spores showed considerably lower specific and total activities compared with those of untreated ones. The specific and total NADH oxidase activities of untreated spores increased 12- and 15-fold respectively during germination, whereas increases during germination of polymyxin B-treated spores were inhibited. The specific and total activities of particulate NADH cytochrome reductase of dormant spores were decreased by polymyxin B treatment in almost the same proportion as those of the particulate NADH oxidase. The specific activity of NADH dehydrogenase of dormant spores remained unchanged after antibiotic treatment but the total activity fell considerably. The activities of other enzymes examined were similar for untreated dormant and germinated spores and antibiotic-treated spores. The respiration of polymyxin B-treated dormant spores was inhibited at the same time as the start of germination. Morphologically, polymyxin B-treated dormant spores lost a laminar structure of the cortex and details of the spore protoplast. The inhibitory mechanism of particulate NADH oxidase activity of polymyxin B-treated dormant spores is discussed.


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