Summary: Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from four virulent strains of pv. syringae was. similar in composition to that of pv. Fucose was an additional component of the sidechain of LPS from two of the strains and the lipid A from a third strain lacked 12:0. Antisera raised to LPS of one strain each of pv. and pv. agglutinated cells of the plant pathogenic pseudomonads tested but not those of or Both antisera cross-reacted with cells of isolates belonging to the other pathovar, but showed greater specificity for homologous LPS in immunodiffusion tests. The serum raised against pv. morsprunorum was shown to be specific for the sidechain region. The antigenic determinants in LPS from strains of the pv. appeared more heterogeneous than did those of LPS from pv. isolates. The reactivity of antisera with LPS correlated with the pattern of adsorption to LPS of the typing phage A7, in that none of the strains that contained LPS that did not react with both antisera adsorbed phage A7.


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