Summary: The effect of the glucose analogue 5-thio-D-glucose (5TG) on the yeast was studied. Derepression of mitochondrial respiratory chain cytochromes, alcohol dehydrogenase (isoenzyme II), NADH dehydrogenase and maltase was inhibited by 0.5-2 mM-5TG. Growth rate was only slightly affected. Ethanol was efficiently produced with 2 mM-5TG in medium initially containing 0.25% glucose. Mutants resistant to the growth inhibitory effects of 5TG on glycerol medium showed resistance to the catabolite repressing effects of glucose. Other mutants, known to be catabolite repression resistant, showed resistance to 5TG. The analogue seems to inhibit derepression of glucose repressible enzymes with greater potency than glucose itself.


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