Summary: Mutations in three K12 genes, and the newly discovered , reduce sensitivity to the low polypeptide antibiotic microcin E492. The products of the and genes were previously shown to be involved in the uptake of siderophore-complexed iron and in the action of a number of colicins. Strains mutated at or close to (collectively referred to as mutations) remained fully sensitive to these colicins, and grew as well as wild-type strains under conditions of iron starvation. Expression of a number of operon fusions was not affected by iron limitation, and mutations did not affect the production of iron-regulated outer membrane proteins which are known or thought to be involved in iron uptake. Hfr conjugation and P1 phage transduction experiments indicated that is located close to at 40 min on the K12 chromosome. This places close to the locus, wherein mutations result in decreased manganese sensitivity. However, strains carrying the mutation exhibited increased manganese sensitivity.


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