SUMMARY: A segment of DNA from , which complemented a mutant sporulation gene, , in , was cloned into a derivative of the temperate bacteriophage ϕ105. The segment of DNA included an entire structural gene and complemented the mutation , in addition to , in

The nucleotide sequence of the gene from was determined and compared with that of the gene; 74% homology was found in the coding region. Amino acid primary sequences derived from the nucleotide sequences of the two genes were also compared. The gene from coded for a protein of 344 amino acid residues, one more than the protein coded by the corresponding gene from Comparison of the primary amino acid sequences of the two genes showed that 78% of the residues were completely conserved and 8% were semi-conserved. Variation, however, was not random, i.e. some segments were much more highly conserved than others. Both proteins had a hydrophobic region at the N-terminus.


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