SUMMARY: A :: gene fusion has been used to investigate the dependence pattern of expression of the operon during sporulation in β-Galactosidase activity, encoded by the hybrid gene, begins to appear about 30 to 60 min after the induction of sporulation. expression is dependent upon the products of all of the known loci but on none of the “later” loci tested. The β-galactosidase activity falls after 1.5 h in Spo cells and in late-blocked mutants, but continued accumulation of the enzyme occurs in certain stage II mutants. Kinetic experiments suggest that the fall in activity may be, in part, the result of regulation at the level of translation. Mutations in several loci, , and , delay expression of the operon by 1-3 h. The significance of these results in terms of models for the control of gene expression during sporulation is discussed.


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