SUMMARY: A numerical taxonomic analysis was performed to evaluate the appropriateness of a single biovar designation (biovar V) for all isolates negative for denitrification, levan production and phenazine pigmentation and to determine the relationship of biovar V strains to other taxa within the same RNA homology group. Seventy-two strains assigned to P. fluorescens biovar V and four strains of were characterized and the data subjected to a numerical taxonomic analysis along with comparable data for 17 previously characterized strains of this biovar and 89 strains. Seven distinct biovar V clusters containing three or more strains were revealed, and the carbon sources useful for their differentiation were identified. Cluster 1 (38 strains) closely resembled two atypical I strains. It was also related to biovar IV and to Cluster 2 (5 strains) was related to cluster 1. Cluster 3 (7 strains) was identical to a major group of meat spoilage psychrotrophic pseudomonads (). Cluster 4 (3 strains) was not related to any other group examined. Cluster 5 consisted of six isolates initially designated A along with four biovar V strains all of which resembled more than they resembled the other groups. Cluster 6 (16 strains) was distinct from the other biovar V clusters, but was closely related to biovars I and II. Cluster 7 (3 strains) shared many characteristics with cluster 5. Separate biovar designations are proposed for cluster 6 and for the combined clusters 1 and 2. A new biovar is proposed for the combined clusters 5 and 7.


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