Summary: Mutants of sensitive to mitomycin C were isolated after mutagenesis with ethyl methane sulphonate. One mutant (MTC25) was markedly sensitive to mitomycin C but was unaffected as regards UV sensitivity; another mutant (UVS9) was sensitive to UV radiation but was only moderately sensitive to mitomycin C. Caffeine decreased the survival after UV-irradiation of the wild-type, MTC25 and UVS9 strains by the same relative amount. Aerobic liquid holding recovery occurred in each of the three strains. The MTC25 and UVS9 mutants showed reduced host cell phage reactivation. The wild-type, MTC25 and UVS9 strains all showed UV-and HO-induced phage reactivation. The physiological characterization of the MTC25 and UVS9 mutants indicates that it is possible to differentiate between mechanisms for the repair of mitomycin C-and UV-induced DNA damage in .


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