Summary: Two bacteriophages, designated GW6210 and JW2040, were isolated from decaying apples using ATC 621 and VPI 204JW, respectively. Electron microscopy showed that phage GW6210 belonged to group A and phage JW2040 to group C of Bradley's morphological classification. Phage GW6210 was unusually large, with a head diameter of 170 nm. Both phages contained double stranded DNA. The G + C content of the DNA of phage GW6210 was 293 mol % ( ), and the size of the genome was approximately 250-300 kb. The size of the DNA of phage JW2040 was found to be 37 kb and the G + C content was 565 mol% ( ). The host ranges of both phages were determined using 54 , 52 and three strains. Only the strains were hosts for these phages.


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