Summary: Early in sporulation, cells of wild-type produce three proteases (, and ) with monomeric values of about 65000, 53000 and 43500, and a further protease, ( about 30000) at the time of coat assembly. An additional protease, ( about 15000) appears transiently in sporangia at about the time of spore release. Three strains with defective spore coats were examined for alterations in sporulation proteases. A strain carrying the gerE36 mutation produces , and normally, fails to produce and accumulates on or in its spores. A strain carrying the mutation produces normal quantities of proteases , and , but has a reduced amount of proteases and . A strain carrying both the and the mutations accumulates neither protease nor . The wild-type allele of the gene was cloned in the vector, phage 105J9. Complementation tests with the cloned gene showed that the mutation is recessive to the wild-type allele.


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