Summary: Forty-five strains of subsp. and 36 strains of subsp. were examined for bacteriolytic activity with the same assay system previously used in taxonomic studies on staphylococci. The two subspecies differed from each other chiefly in that for optimal lytic activity subsp. strains required a higher salt concentration in the test medium than subsp. strains. The lack of lytic activity on B15TP1 medium was a major difference between and , and the lack of activity on TP2P medium was a major difference between and . Penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) were studied in 40 strains. The subsp. strains had only one PBP (mol. wt 79000) while the subsp. strains had three distinct PBPs (mol. wts 84000, 82000 and 79000).


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