Summary: NCIB 7423 carries two cryptic plasmids, pCB101 (6·05 kbp) and pCB102 (7·8 kbp). Sites for the restriction enzymes RI, RV, III, I and I have been found in one or both of these plasmids and their relative positions determined. Restriction fragments from both plasmids have been inserted into a vector plasmid (pJAB1) that is able to replicate in but not in and the recombinant plasmids have been established in A 3·3 kbp 3A fragment of pCB101 conferred upon the vector the ability to transform both Recand Recstrains of Plasmid pRB1, a representative chimaera carrying only the 3·3 kbp 3A fragment of pCB101, was successfully transferred from back to Plasmid pRB1 was readily lost from in the absence of selection. This evidence, together with the results of hybridization experiments, suggests that pRB1 is present as a weakly replicating autonomous element in A recombinant plasmid carrying a 2·0 kbp 3A fragment of pCB102 underwent integration into the chromosome.


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