Summary: Murine hybridomas secreting monoclonal antibodies to were produced and three soluble antigens were identified using radioimmunoassays and immunoblotting from polyacrylamide electrophoresis gels. Antibody MB3 (IgM, k chain) reacted with 20-100 kDal antigens produced by all mycobacterial strains examined while antibody MB5 (IgG, k chain) identified a 29·8 kDal antigen detected in field isolates of and strains Vallée and AN5. There was insignificant binding to BCG, or Monoclonal antibody MB17 (IgA, k chain) reacted with a 17·4 kDal antigen present in and Absorption of monoclonal antibodies with antigens from different species of confirmed the specificities of MB3 and MB5 but the binding of MB17 was inhibited to some extent by all the extracts examined. The antigen identified by MB3 was present in purified protein derivative (PPD) from and but antigens identified by MB5 and MB17 were not detected in these reagents.


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