Summary: DNA fragments from the unicellular red algae and were inserted at various sites of plasmid pLG4 (pBR325 + a III fragment bearing the yeast 4 gene) with the purpose of isolating sequences supporting autonomous replication of plasmids in Plasmid pools were prepared in then used to transform the 4 yeast strain X3656-7 D to prototrophy. The presence of free plasmids in the yeast transformants was demonstrated by Southern blotting hybridization between yeast DNA and P-labelled pBR325 and by the transformation of with DNA from yeast transformants. Hybrid plasmids recovered from Argbacterial transformants transformed yeast at high frequency. They contained fragments of total DNA, fragments of satellite DNA and one HI fragment of main DNA. These new plasmids have unique restriction sites which make them convenient vectors for cloning in yeast and possibly in algae and other plants.


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