In a medium containing sulphite and sulphate, TC8 produced HS from sulphite but not from sulphate which, under these conditions, was not taken up. Production of HS started with the onset of the stationary phase of growth, and both were triggered by the depletion of ammonium ions or the addition of cycloheximide to cultures. Addition of ammonium sulphate to stationary-phase cultures stopped HS production and stimulated growth. Inclusion of 1 mhl-methionine in the medium halved the rate of HS production, while lowering the concentration of sulphite also decreased the rate of production. Sulphite from a pyruvate-sulphite complex was also metabolized to give HS. Maximum rates of HS production, induced by including different concentrations of ammonium ions in the medium or by adding cycloheximide to cultures, closely correlated with the sulphite reductase activity in extracts of organisms.


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