SUMMARY: Purified LPS from a virulent cherry isolate of pv. was a mixture of smooth and rough molecular species. Mild acid hydrolysis yielded a precipitate of lipid A and a carbohydrate fraction which, by gel permeation chromatography, yielded three peaks of material. The first (high molecular weight) peak was composed almost entirely of a rhamnan, the sidechain polysaccharide. The second peak contained core oligosaccharide and comprised rhamnose, glucose, heptose, 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonate (KDO), phosphate, glucosamine, galactosamine and alanine. The third (low molecular weight) peak contained KDO, phosphate and ethanolamine. Lipid A contained glucosamine, phosphate and the fatty acids 12:0, 3-OH 10:0, 2-OH 12:0 (all ester-linked to glucosamine), and 3-OH 12:0, which was amide-linked. The typing phage A7, which uses LPS as its binding site, was found to possess a rhamnanase which split the sidechains from smooth LPS, releasing them as oligosaccharide.


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